Step into the water with our experienced instructors and learn how to kitesurf!

We offer high quality and safe training in small groups. We work with the best and qualified instructors with the latest high end equipment on the market and we are focused on ensuring our clients success in learning while enjoying an incredible and fun experience in this beautiful location.

We always teach in 2 person groups with one kite and one instructor. To enable best possible learning progress we will pair you with a partner with similar level and similar weight.

Every lesson is 3 hours long plus transfer from and back to your hotel (Morro Jable, Jandia, Esquinzo area only).

If we don’t find a suitable partner for you, we will give the lesson to you alone . In this case the lesson will be slightly shorter or the same length with breaks included.


If you've never tried kitesurfing before and you are completely new to this sport our Beginner Course (4 PAX) is ideal for you.

semi private beginner course

Whether you've tried kitesurfing and looking to refresh your skills or completely new to the sport our semi private course is ideal for you.


You are able to manage the water start and ride a few meters but struggle with keeping height? Then this course is for you!


Name the trick, anything between backrolls and kite loops, we will pair you with the best suited instructor to get you there.

supervised kitesurfing

In case you are an independent kitesurfer you can come with us for a supervised kitesurfing (SK) session during our course times.

general info

- All courses include neoprene, kite equipment and hotel transfer (Jandia, Esquinzo, Morro Jable area only)

- There is no limit of age to learn kitesurfing

- Minimum weight: 40 kg

- Every kite course lasts for 3 hours

- Our instructor takes care of 2 students on one kite

- We‘ll inform you of the actual course time via WhatsApp or/and SMS

Kite course features


Please, fill out the following form to book your lesson. Shortly we will get in touch with you via WhatsApp or/and SMS.

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