Step into the water with our experienced instructors and learn how to kitesurf! We teach every day if the wind and tide allow us to, in the lagoon of Risco del Paso, always at high tide. That is why the starting time varies from day to day.

Per month, there are about 3-4 days where the lagoon will be too shallow to teach in. Please check the tidal chart or contact us to schedule the best slots during your stay.

High quality lessons

At our school, we offer high-quality and safe training in small groups. We always teach in 2-person groups with one kite and one instructor. To enable the best possible learning progress, we pair you with a partner of a similar level and similar weight.

Close communication at all times

We are very special with the lessons we carry out. We like to concentrate on you, our clients.

This is why we usually schedule only 1 lesson per day per instructor. Like this, your instructor can truly focus on your progress. Also, in case the wind is not quite there yet at the scheduled lesson time, we always have a certain time window where we put our students "on call" to see if the wind enhances. We then reach out to you to check if the lesson would be possible for you then. Our communication with you during your stay is excellent. We make sure you feel that someone is taking the best care of your course organization. This means if the wind is not there in your lesson time, you do not automatically lose your time slot because there is already another student booked after your lesson. We concentrate on one course a day per instructor to provide you with the highest quality lessons.

No lesson time limit, we go with you until you are happy and/or tired!

Also, we only charge you for what you did with us. A full lesson is for us when the kite was flying for at least 3 hours! However, it is possible that if your energy level is high, the wind is there, and we have enough water in the lagoon, we may even extend the lesson until you are tired and happy. This is outstanding, and we are the only school offering a service like this.

100 % refund, no vouchers

However, in case due to higher power, for example, the wind cuts out mid-lesson, we only charge you for the time you spent with us. We have a refund policy, refunding your money fully in case you prepaid and it was not possible to give the lesson.


If you've never tried kitesurfing before and you are completely new to this sport our Beginner Course (4 PAX) is ideal for you.

semi private beginner course

Whether you've tried kitesurfing and looking to refresh your skills or completely new to the sport our semi private course is ideal for you.


You are able to manage the water start and ride a few meters but struggle with keeping height? Then this course is for you!


Name the trick, anything between backrolls and kite loops, we will pair you with the best suited instructor to get you there.

supervised kitesurfing

In case you are an independent kitesurfer you can come with us for a supervised kitesurfing (SK) session during our course times.

general info

  • All courses include neoprene, kite equipment, and hotel transfer (Jandia, Esquinzo, Morro Jable area only).
  • There is no age limit to learn kitesurfing.
  • Minimum weight: 40 kg.
  • Each kite course lasts for approximately 5 hours, including kite flying time, changing clothes, preparing equipment, and transfer to the spot and back.
  • Our instructor takes care of 2 students on one kite.
  • We keep you updated during your stay via WhatsApp about the forecast, changes in your lesson time, etc.

Kite course features


Please, fill out the following form to book your lesson. Shortly we will get in touch with you via WhatsApp or/and SMS.

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