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Our station at Surfers Island is your gateway to unforgettable surfing and kitesurfing experiences in the stunning south of Fuerteventura. Our dedicated office staff is always professional and eager to assist, providing valuable information about our courses.

Situated beachside near the picturesque Aldiana Club Hotel Fuerteventura, our station offers a prime location with easy access to the best spots for surfing and kitesurfing. While our courses don't take place directly in front of the station, we provide the luxury of transportation to the top spots in the area. For surfing, we frequent La Pared, Esquinzo, and Jandia, while for kitesurfing, we journey to the renowned lagoon of Sotavento in our company vans.

Our strategic location is conveniently close to many of the region's prominent hotels, including the Aldiana Club Hotel, Iberostar, Occidental Hotels, and Royal Palm hotel. Additionally, we offer pick-up services for our courses from any hotel in Costa Calma (surfing only), Jandia, Morro Jable, and Esquinzo, ensuring easy access for all our guests

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Contact us anytime via phone call or WhatsApp: +34 618 200 710


Fuerteventura, the second largest of the 7 Canary Islands, is renowned for its stunning white sand beaches and year-round sunshine, making it a premier destination for surf and kitesurf enthusiasts. With over 150 beaches spread across 340 kilometers of coastline, Fuerteventura offers an unparalleled playground for wave riders. From the north to the south, the island's diverse coastline provides ideal conditions for unforgettable surfing and kitesurfing experiences.

For kitesurfing enthusiasts, the Sotavento lagoon offers pristine conditions and is a favored location for our kitesurf courses. Meanwhile, on the west coast, La Pared beach provides excellent waves and serves as the primary location for our surf lessons.

Morro Jable & Jandia

Morro Jable, once a quaint fishing village, and Jandía, its modern counterpart, form one of the largest tourist hubs in Fuerteventura. Shielded by the mountain range, these areas enjoy the warmest and sunniest temperatures on the island, making them an ideal destination for travelers seeking year-round sunshine.

Morro Jable boasts traditional restaurants and abundant shopping opportunities, making it a favorite among German tourists. Meanwhile, Jandía offers a mix of modern amenities and scenic beauty, attracting visitors from around the world.