kite spot

risco del paso, sotavento


Sotavento is home to the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup and the windsurfing PWA World Tours every year.

The beach here is sandy and very long. Kitesurfers and windsurfers share the beach without problems, because there is enough space for everyone. There is a large zone only dedicated for kitesurfing.

There are a few days every month when the lagoon is not filled, so we recommend to check the tide charts before you plan your trip to make sure there will be enough water in the lagoon!

* Scroll down for tide chart!


There is wind year round but the main kitesurfing season is from May until September, when the wind averages 20-30 knots and the temperature sits around 24-30 °C.

The wind here comes between two mountains creating a funneling effect, which means the wind at Sotavento is generally stronger than other spots on the island, but is also offers some of the most consistent windy days.


With a 6 km long white, sandy beach, there is plenty of choice where to launch from and prepare your gear.


All levels are suitable at this kite spot. Because of its shallow water, the lagoon is perfect for teaching and learning. Beginners will learn how to ride and go upwind.

Intermediate riders will start jumping and advanced riders can nail new freestyle tricks!

The lagoon is split up into various kitesurfing areas, with areas for beginners and separate ones for advanced kitesurfers.


The lagoon fills depends on the tides of the full moon and new moon phases.

Here you can have a look at the detailed lagoon time-tables month by month including the estimated highest levels.