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Fuerteventura is the second largest of the 7 Canary Islands.

It is outstanding for its magnificent white sand beaches and for the bright sun that shines all year round.

The island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The entire Fuerteventura coastline is surprisingly diverse. There are beaches for all tastes and pastimes.

It is an essential destination for surf, kitesurf, windsurf and scuba dive lovers. The north-east trade winds blow fairly consistently throughout the year providing the best windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions in Europe.

There are more than 150 beaches in the north and south of the island, spread over 340 kilometers of coastline. Meanwhile, on the east coast you will find cliffs and small, hidden caves.

It has a warm and dry climate.

The average temperature is 25 °C and rainfall does not reach 100mm, which is the lowest in all the Canary Islands.

Here you are guaranteed to find the tranquillity and quality time you were seeking on your getaway to an idyllic seaside destination.

There are many cultural sights as well which you can discover on the islands. For example, Betancuria is one of the most charming old town in the middle of the mountains of Fuerteventura.

If you decide to visit Fuerteventura, renting a car is an absolute must to discover the island. It is the best way to visit the amazing beaches, or other sights but simply driving throughout the island will be one of your best memory!

morro jable & jandia

Morro Jable (the original fishing village) and Jandía (the "new" town) have one of the the biggest tourist centres in Fuerteventura and our station is also based here. It is 1,5 hr drive from the airport.

The mountain range keeps off the cold winds and clouds and turns Jandia / Morro Jable into the region with the warmest and sunniest temperatures of the entire island.

A vast, light-coloured beach with fine sand is the main attraction.

Morro Jable manages to maintain the feel of a real Spanish town with restaurants and cafes catering to Spanish rather than International tastes.

Set right at the bay on a foot of a mountain, Puerto de Morro Jable enjoys a beautiful view of both the sea and inland. Most boat trips start and end here. If you are here, make sure to go for a catamaran trip to watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitats!