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There are three surf spots where we teach our students to surf: Cruz Roja, La Pared and Playa Esquinzo.

Our goal is to offer you the best quality waves during the courses, therefore we always choose the spot according to the actual swell directions.

Cruz Roja and Playa Esquinzo are just a five-minute drive away from our station.

The well-known surfing beach of La Pared is twenty-five minutes drive away. La Pared is not only famous by its impressive waves but also its magical sunsets.

la pared

Most of the time we go to La Pared to surf, especially in the summer when we have good waves almost every day.

The spot works best around low tide in the early morning. La Pared is really great for surfing and there are also many local surfers who jump into the water there.

La Pared is a small surfer village and is located on the west coast.

cruz roja

At the lighthouse of Jandia there is often a very nice clean wave, especially in the winter months. You can even see this spot from our station and it‘s only 5 minutes drive away!

The spot works when there is a west swell. In the summer months there are less waves here, but in wintertime it is a paradise on earth. The waves are usually between 1 - 2 meter, but they can also be over 3 meter.

playa esquinzo

Not far from our station, there is Playa Esquinzo. Thanks to the strong trade winds, there are often wind waves here. These waves generated by local wind almost always meet offshore wind. This makes these waves very clean and easy to surf.

These smaller but glassy waves are perfect for beginners and children. It is also great for advanced surfers to learn how to surf "green waves".

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