school manager / professional beachbum


Troy, co-owner of Surfers Island, is an absolute passionate watersports enthusiast dedicated to sharing his love for surfing and kitesurfing with others.

Born in the UK but raised on the coast of southern Spain, Troy fell in love with watersports at the young age of six, starting with sailing. He spent many years windsurfing before making the move to Fuerteventura to pursue surfing and kitesurfing.

After traveling the world with Sarah, they both returned to Fuerteventura to settle down and take over Surfers Island together.

Despite his responsibilities as a co-owner, Troy's passion for teaching remains unwavering. He loves teaching itself and will never stop, regularly making time to teach and be out in the field with the team. With his extensive background in watersports and a commitment to teaching, Troy ensures that every student receives expert guidance and support at Surfers Island.